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Kyla Bruff is an active translator from French and German into English. Most notably, she recently translated the last three lectures of F.W.J. Schelling's Darstellung der reinrationalen Philosophie (1854) into English. Their publication marks the first appearance of these lectures, in which Schelling develops his late political position, in the English language.

Kyla has also published an article of her own in French, and has presented her philosophical work in both French and German.

Kyla is passionate about learning languages. She is grateful to the Erasmus Mundus Master Program (Europhilosophie), which offered her the opportunity to study at Université Toulouse II, Bergische Universität Wuppertal and Universität Bonn from 2012 to 2014, thereby facilitating her foreign language acquisition, particularly in German.

In addition to her professional work and proficiency in French and German, Kyla completed the A2 and B1 Czech Language Courses as part of the Letní školy slovanských studií at the Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy v Praze in 2016 and 2022, respectively. She has also given numerous guest presentations in the Department of Linguistics at Memorial University in the seminar of Dr. Vit Bubenik in historical linguistics.

Her published translations in philosophy are listed below.


1. F.W.J. Schelling, “Schelling’s Late Political Philosophy: Lectures 22-24 of the Presentation of the Purely Rational Philosophy,” Kabiri: The Official Journal of the North American Schelling Society, vol. 2, December 2020 (from German).


2. F.W.J. Schelling, “Presentation of the Purely Rational Philosophy (c. 1847)” (edited excerpt), The Schelling Reader, Benjamin Berger and Daniel Whistler, eds., London: Bloomsbury, 2020 (from German).

3. Forthcoming: Thomas Buchheim, “Schelling’s Late Philosophy,” co-translated with Majk Feldmeier, The Palgrave Schelling Handbook, Kyla Bruff and S. J. McGrath, eds., London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021 (from German).

4. Gerard Bensussan, “The Exit and the Event,” Preface to Satya Das, The Political Theology of Schelling, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2016 (from French).

5. Jean-Christophe Goddard, “The Beech and the Palm: Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre as Project of Decolonialization,” Rethinking German Idealism, S. J. McGrath and Joseph Carew, eds., London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016 (from French).

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